Smart container, smart port, BIM, Internet Things and blockchain in the digital system of world trade

Yulia Kupriyanovsky, Vasily Kupriyanovsky, Alеxander Klimov, Dmitry Namiot, Andrei Dolbnev, Sergey Sinyagov, Yuri Lipuntsov, Ani Arsenyan, Sergey Evtushenko, Oleg Larin


The article deals with issues related to digital transformation for the world trade system. Modern trade is no longer an exchange between the two parties, but rather is an expanded cooperation between critical interdependent partners performed in vast geographic spaces, time zones, and borders. Efforts on digital trade transformation are supported by key open standardization organizations, both in terms of participants and in terms of trade. The creation of an information infrastructure for the exchange of data, including a large number of organizations and systems, implies an unambiguous understanding of the information transmitted by all exchange participants in world trade. The key elements, in this case, are the identifiers. The blockchain applications in this article are considered in connection with a global identification.

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