Implementation of Electronic State Services in the Economic and Demographic Conditions of the COVID-19: Citizens Survey Results in St. Petersburg

V A. Belyi, P. V. Smirnova, A. V. Chugunov


The article presents the results of a survey of residents of St. Petersburg to identify their opinion on the relevance of the services of the "smart city". The study was carried out in March 2020 using a questionnaire method using a sample representing the population of St. Petersburg by gender and age. For a comparative analysis of the development of the concept of a "smart city", data from previous studies are used. As a result of the study, the most popular electronic services were identified, as well as the factors that influence the success of the implementation of services and their perception by the population. The results showed that the most relevant electronic services are in the field of healthcare and medicine (78%), services of a safe city (70%), electronic services in the field of transport services of two types: for passengers of public transport (63%) and owners of personal vehicles (61%). As a result of the micro-analysis of the contingency tables, a relationship was revealed between the personal interest of citizens in the development of electronic services in a safe city and the level of trust in interaction with authorities through Internet technologies. Special attention is paid to the analysis of services by age breakdown of the population.

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